Literature Sharing

1. Natural touch has a significant positive impact on the infant°¶s perceptual-cognitive and motor development and on the parenting process

Details: After kangaroo care interactions were more positive at 37 weeks gestational age. At 3 months, mothers and fathers of kangaroo care infants were more sensitive and provide a better home environment. At 6 months, the mother provided kangaroo care were more sensitive and infants scored higher on Bayley Mental Developmental index( KC: mean: 96.39; controls mean: 91.81) and the Psychomotor Developmental index( KC: mean: 85.47; controls: mean:80.53)

2. Natural touch has a significant positive impact on the pre-term infants°¶ physical, motor skills and mental development

Details: Studies conducted with premature infants and massage are increase in weight gain (up to a 47% increase in weight per day!) and alert states, massaged babies are discharged an average of six days earlier (with some being discharged up to 3 weeks earlier) reducing their hospital costs by $10,000! (USD). The infants were also found to have superior motor skills and mental development in follow up appointments eight months after the study had concluded.

3. Natural touch has a significant positive impact on the post-natal depression women

Details: A study conducted in 1996 in the U.K demonstrated that infant massage classes, in addition to group counselling sessions resulted in an improved condition of both the mothers and their infants. In the test group, massaged infants displayed significant weight gain, improvement in Colorado Child Temperament Inventory scores for emotionality, sociability, and the ability to be soothed. In addition to this there was a noted improvement in their biochemical stress measures.

4. Natural touch has a significant positive impact on the bonding developing of baby and his father

Details: Research conducted in 1992, 12 weeks baby with father baby massage daily , it shows more eye contact smiling and orienting response to father A specific activity with Baby that Dad can get involved in can help alleviate feelings that they are being left out. (This can be common when Mum is breast-feeding and looking after the baby all day).