Why natural touch?

To Parents:

1. physical

Natural touch (baby massage) makes parents feel more relaxed

Details: When you are doing baby massage to your baby, you need to pay full attention. It is reported that parents treasure and enjoy the massage hours.

2. emotional

Natural touch (baby massage) makes parents feel more confident

Details: when you massage with your baby everyday, you will increase the sensitivity of the changes of baby so that you will be more confident to handle with your beloved baby. Besides, as you massage with your baby everyday, you will learn how to read and interpret the babies¡¦ body languages and other cues. Also, the physical contacts of massage make you feel more comfortable when handling with babies.

Natural touch (baby massage) makes father feel easier to adapt to his new role

Father in the process of giving birth has played a minor role only. Mothers usually have more chances to take care of their newly born babies than father, especially breast-feed mothers. Providing simple but powerful natural touch (baby massage) can ensure fathers to contribute. Research showed that babies respond more to fathers if the latter keep massaging with children everyday.

Natural touch (baby massage) reduces possibility of post natal depression

As mothers can build up more confidence with their babies in the process of massage everyday, she will soon feel easier to handle baby in daily lives. Baby massage, on the other hand, relieves physical pain and discomfort of the babies so as to make mothers more relaxed. Self-confidence as well as optimism are essential to prevent mothers from suffering post natal depression. Research revealed that mother with depression showed improvement after doing massage with their babies everyday.

3. bonding

Natural touch (baby massage) builds up Parent-child relationship

Baby massage helps to enhance the bonding process by providing quality treatment of non-verbal communication, especially for a working parent. Baby massage can also become a regular period of intimacy between you and your lover baby. According to psychology theory, the bonding between baby and parent will be already established before 2 years old. So, the first 2 year of caring baby is the most important.

To Babies:

1. physical

Natural touch ( baby massage) prevent illness and discomfort

Baby massage can improve circulation and also boost the immune system, because it helps move lymph fluid around the body, which clear harmful substance from the body. Massage may relieve pain and the symptoms of some ailments. It promotes relaxation. Research shows that babies who are touched lovingly get sick and cry less often than those who are not. Besides, research shows that babies with asthma problem after baby massage has less asthma attack.

Natural touch ( baby massage) speed up the development of physical growth

Baby massage promotes physical body part recognize, mid-line orientation, self-awareness, tones muscles, and makes joints more flexible. In this way, the baby can develop faster than the same age baby.

2. Cognitive

Natural touch ( baby massage) speed up the development of growth

Baby massage is a kind of sensory integrated stimulation. Baby massage promotes non-verbal communication, spatial sense, social skills. . In this way, the baby can develop faster than the same age baby. For example, learning process of baby is by try and error. Baby massage provide: 1. Visual : eye contact, 2. smell of parents 3. naming of body part 4. feeling of touch of whole body

3. psychological

Natural touch ( baby massage) help baby build up the sense of security

According to the Psychology of theory from Piaget: Most of the senses of security build up before 3 years old. Positive physical contact between a parent and child makes the baby feel loved and valued. This feeling allows baby self-esteem and self-confidence to develop and in turns build up sense of security.

4. emotional

Natural touch ( baby massage) help baby decrease emotional stress

Baby massage provides relaxation for an infant which is one of main component for optimum learning condition. During massage, an infant may experience the reassurance of his parent's voice, odour and touch provide. Researches suggested that 60-80% of discomfort of babies is due to stress. Massage can decrease emotional stress and in turn can help to relief babies¡¦discomfort.

5. social

Natural touch ( baby massage) help baby to develop social skills

ouching your baby teaches her about communication. Massage helps you establish a nonverbal communication with your child that enhances your early relationship with her, and therefore builds her self-esteem and sociability.

Natural touch ( baby massage) teaches children from birth that they are in charge of their own body and that it is ok for them to say no to people touching them

By respecting the child's rejection of touch, parents are teaching their infant that he/she deserves respect when it comes to making decisions about who touches their body and that it is ok to say no if you don't want to be touched.