What is natural touch (Baby massage)?

Natural touch is something you and your baby can do together; it is about sharing of feelings and even thoughts, at an intimate, unspoken level. It is simple in techniques yet it shows your love, attention and understanding. It is commonly named baby massage.

Theory of natural touch (baby massage):

Massage for baby is a very old but very useful and powerful techniques from ancient countries, such as China, Egypt and India.

The massage we teach involves the following theories:

1. Chinese Massage

It is a technique that involves acupuncture point and some special techniques. It is developed with accumulated experience in the past decades. The purpose is to cure diseases.

2. Indian Massage

It is characterized by strokes being directed away from the body, in the direction of hair growth.

Tension and diseases are drawn away from the body, assisting in relaxation and promoting good health.

3. Swedish Massage

It involves stroking towards the midline of the body, so in the direct of against hair growth and may cause a little bit discomfort.

Promote circulation. Amount is limited in order to avoid over-stimulation.

4. Reflexology originated in India, China and Egypt

Congestion or tension in any parts of the feet, hands and ears has a tendency to mirror congestion or tension in a corresponding part of body. Hence massaging these body parts correctly can have relaxation and possible healing effects on the whole body.